Our country is burning and you may feel at a loss for how to help, even as you’re watching the devastating fires. Without a doubt, the best way you can help is by donating. But, what if you don’t have a lot of extra cash? There’s still a LOT of ways you can help! If you do want to donate to help support Australia wildfire relief, there’s a number of organizations that are supporting local firefighters and contributing to relief efforts for affected families, animals and wildlife. Some good places to donate to are:

AU Redcross 

Victorian Bushfire Relief 

New South Wales Rural Fire Brigade

Wires Fund for Wildfire Relief

Foodbank Australia

You can also head over to our Instagram and share our story—we’ll donate $1 for every share this week!

If you can’t donate, don’t count yourself out—there’s still plenty to be done. Check out our list below of ways to help support Australia wildfire relief, even if you can’t donate right now.

1. Travel to affected areas—later.

support australia wildfires
Sydney, courtesy of the NYT.

Later this year, when you’re considering how to best spend your weekends away, think about visiting some of the more rural areas that are currently being affected by these wildfires. Many of these towns rely on tourism to support local economies. While you’re there, staying in their hotels, shopping at local businesses and restaurants, you’ll be contributing to helping them rebuild.

2. Shop brands that are donating to the wildfires.



There’s a number of brands that are donating profits to support Australia wildfire relief efforts for a limited time. Consider purchasing something from one of these brands rather than from a brand you would regularly purchase from if you can. Yes, you’ll still have to spend a bit of money, but it’s money you were going to spend anyway, and you can appreciate knowing that your money is going to support relief and recovery from the fires.

3. Raise awareness.

support australia wildfire
Wildfires in Australia, courtesy of the NYT.

Spreading awareness about what’s going on can help get more people contributing to donation and relief efforts and create change. While it may seem like just talking about what’s happening can do much, but spreading awareness increases the number of us fighting for change and aiding recovery.

4. Offer a bed.

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With each match that we make, we know that we are providing so much more than a bed. We were so pleased to be able to help a couple and their young child find a house in Melbourne after they were evacuated from their home town. They’ll be close to family but will have some privacy and quiet space as they come to terms with all that has happened over the last few days. Thanks to the kind person who offered the vacant home and made this possible. Kindness is the best. Image caption: Map of the east coast of Australia, with 4 heart shaped pins stuck in it. Words say so much more than a bed. In the bottom right corner is the Find a Bed logo – it is a white bed symbol with findabed.info in teal writing – the fs form the bed legs. #FindABedAU #AustraliaBurns #australianbushfires #bushfiresaustralia #Australia

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With hundreds of thousands of Australians in evacuation zones due to the fires, there are a lot of people needing a  bed and a place to stay while they wait out the devastating fires. If you live nearby, you can help by offering a place to stay in a spare room to evacuees. If you have space to host animals, that’s needed, too! Findabed and Airbnb are two places that can help connect you with people needing emergency hosting.

5. Shop local—and sustainable.

Shopping local and buying from sustainable brands helps a lot. These brands are reducing their carbon footprints, investing in more sustainable materials and factories, supporting ethical working environments, increasing recycled materials and decreasing waste, pollution and overall environmental impact. Not only that, but it increases demand for businesses to follow sustainable practices. Some of our favorite brands that are focused on making sustainable and eco-friendly products include Spell & The Gypsy, Vege Threads and Salt Gypsy. Need more ideas? Check this list of eco-friendly brands or these zero-waste brands. This doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff you don’t need, but next time you do need something, try to buy from a local or sustainable brand when you can!

6. Donate blood.

If you’ve never donated blood before, it may seem nerve-wracking, but it’s easier than it sounds! And with so many affected areas involving local communities, donating blood can be literally life-saving for fire victims. Some local blood-donation banks in affected areas have had to close due to the fires, so they’re looking to those in non-affected zones to donate blood and help fill the gap. You can sign up to donate blood here.

7. Go back to the basics.

how to fight climate change

All of the basic, ordinary things you know you should do to help the environment? Yeah, they really do add up! Things like using reusable grocery bags and water bottles, buying in bulk to reduce packaging waste, walking or biking instead of driving, conserving water, reducing waste and plastic use—small changes can make a big difference.

8. Pool money with friends to adopt a koala.

australia koala

Local animals are facing serious problems with the wildfires. Unlike people, who have evacuation warnings and are often able to get out ahead of fires, animals can’t—and already an estimated half a billion animals have been killed as a result of these fires. There’s several local organizations that are raising money to rescue local animals and wildlife and help them recover. Donate to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, a local koala hospital that’s doing amazing work on the ground. Or, pool your money with a few friends to adopt a koala through WWF to provide more general support for wildlife across the region.

9. Commit to making one small lifestyle change in 2020.

You might feel like the small things you do won’t help these fires very directly—and in some ways, that’s true. But the changes we can all make individually to reduce our own carbon footprints, make less waste and live in a more eco-friendly way definitely does add up. Haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet? Why not commit to making one small lifestyle change that’ll help the earth this year? Whether it’s bringing your own coffee mug or reusable water bottle to work or school, swapping out your normal products for eco-friendly brands, biking or walking instead of driving, or something else, our everyday choices can make an impact.

Living near the fires right now? See more ways you can help locally. Want us to chip in for you? Share our recent Instagram post to support Australia wildfire relief before the end of the week, and we’ll chip in $1 for everyone who shares.

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