With COVID-19 essentially stopping tourism travel, we’ve all been wondering if it will be possible to travel in summer 2020. Now, some countries are starting to discuss options for opening to tourists at some point this summer – under certain conditions, of course. Here’s a current list of countries that are planning to open for tourists this summer. We’ll try to keep this up to date as much as possible. However, please note that with the always changing situation concerning COVID-19, always double check with official government sources before traveling. 


While the European Union has been discussing measures to safely open borders, each individual country also has that ability to make decisions about how and when they will reopen to tourists. It currently looks like there are lots of different approaches to reopening depending on the country. A few countries have started discussing plans to reopen as soon as this summer.


Greece recently released plans to hopefully reopen to tourists starting July 1st. After being one of the more successful countries at suppressing the coronavirus, Greece is optimistic about reopening and recently announced plans to allow for a summer tourist season. This plan would require visitors to be tested for Covid-19 before departing their home country. Greece would continue to keep an emphasis on social distancing measures in tourism destinations. 


Iceland recently released plans to allow tourists to begin visiting (under specific conditions) beginning by June 15. In this plan, tourists visiting Iceland will have the choice between an immediate 14-day quarantine, getting tested for the coronavirus, or presenting a health certificate from the health authorities in their home country. Internationals will also be required to install an app that the country is using for contact tracing.


The Italian government has said it expects borders to be open to tourists by summertime. While no plans have been formally shared, Italy is currently planning to have restaurants, cafes and bars open in June. Also, Italy’s president of the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) told reporters last month that he is working to open the Italian borders to tourists in 2020.


Officials in Croatia have not released formal plans but have suggested that they may be open to foreign tourists later this year. Croatia and the Czech Republic are first discussing a plan to allow for Czech tourists who can prove they don’t have the disease to travel into Croatia.

Australia & New Zealand

Both Australia and New Zealand have recently reported low case numbers and are now revealing plans to reopen, including a plan for a trans-Tasman “bubble.” This will allow for travel between Australia and New Zealand. As of this writing, there is not a set date for this trans-Tasman bubble. However, Australia’s Prime Minister expressed hope to begin by July. 


Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos recently announced that they hope to reopen to tourists as soon as June. 

We’re with you in looking forward to when the world opens back up to travelers, but we still encourage you to plan smartly. Here are a few quick tips for successful future trip planning during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Keep an eye on public health guidelines in your home country and at your destination
  • Consider booking flights with an airline offering flexible change policies in case something happens and you need to delay your trip 
  • Consider purchasing a ‘cancel for any reason’ travel insurance policy 
  • Make yourself aware of your airlines safety guidelines and requirements for travel – most airlines are requiring passengers to wear a mask or face covering


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