Does your university have a study abroad or student exchange program? If you’ve always dreamed of studying overseas, you really ought to jump on the chance to do it sooner rather than later – you’re not going to be a student forever! The last thing you want to end up with is FOMO. 

Sure, there’s lots to figure out moving somewhere as opposed to just taking a holiday there, but there are also so many reasons why it’s better.

Hone your language skills

If you head somewhere that speaks a different language you have the chance to brush up on any bilingual talents you might have. Immersion is the best way to master a new language. If English is your first language, you might even be able to earn some extra money teaching English in your new location.

Get an edge

Want to stand out at the end of your degree? Having studied overseas shows your ability to handle change and adapt and evolve. If you’re lucky enough to do a semester at a highly regarded institution, even better! It’s an awesome opportunity to really hone in our studies and learn from a variety of experts in your field. 

Step out of your comfort zone

Growing up and learning to get out of your comfort zone goes hand in hand with personal growth. Travelling to a new country, and setting up life in a new city will bring lots of fun and excitement as well as your fair share of obstacles to overcome. This is your chance to learn about yourself and how you can respond to new challenges and learn from them. 

See the world

Duh, this one is a no-brainer! Imagine spending your weekends exploring different cities in Europe, or seeing the Great Wall of China, skiing in Japan, or catching a bus from Montreal to New York City! There’s a wide range of popular countries that Australian students head to for study exchange including Europe, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. 

Make new friends

Sure your friends here at home are pretty great and nothing has to change with your lifelong friendships, but it can’t hurt to meet some new friends who’ve had different upbringings. You can appreciate life experiences and have the chance to make some new friends, a great excuse to come back to that city again! Reunion tours are the best!

Potentially save money

Feel like you’re living off Mi Goreng noodles to cope with living costs in Australia as a student? Some countries you can study in have lower living costs, so you might even be able to spend less on your cost of living and treat yourself to some restaurant noodles instead! Dare to dream, right?

Experience a different culture

Love to try new foods and get a thrill out of grocery shopping in a new country? You’ll never tire of picking up a baguette and some fromage from the corner store in Paris, or working your way through the snacks aisle in a Japanese supermarket. Maybe you’ll ride a bike or a rickshaw to uni? There’s so much to uncover and learn about different parts of the world, curiosity is only the beginning! 

Living not just visiting 

The best part of doing an exchange or spending a semester or longer overseas, is that you’re not just on holiday. This is your chance to really get to know a place, get on a first name basis at the local coffee shop, find little haunts you love around the city and get to know your neighbourhood as a local.

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