Cheap flights to India

Cheap flights to India

Dreaming of a trip to India? Whether you’re taking a break from uni, visiting friends or family, or learning yoga and meditation—there’s a million good reasons to visit, and endless things to do in India. We’ve got the best student discounts on flights to India as well as helpful India travel tips, and savings on India hotels too.

We’ll score you cheap flights to India from Australia’s major capital cities, and then the adventure really begins. Take note of these highly recommended India travel tips, and the top cities to visit in India.

India travel tips

They say India is a land of contradiction—rich and poor, bustling crowds and peaceful ashrams, highrise buildings and slums. It’s a wondrous blend of chaos and calm as all your senses are stirred at once and you fall in love with the vibrant beauty of India.

Learn a few Hindi phrases

Learn a few Hindi phrases

Though English will get you by in most parts, knowing some simple Hindi can go a long way. "Namaskar" (hello), "kitna hai" (how much) and "shukriya" (thank you) is a good place to start.

Tour group it

Tour group it

Even the most independent traveller can benefit from a tour of India, it’s the best way to maneuver getting around seeing the best India has to offer.

You’ll probably get sick at some point

You’ll probably get sick at some point

As much as you avoid drinking the water and steer clear of salads and meat dishes—at some point you’re likely to experience a tummy bug, it’s just the odds. Be prepared by having all your necessary immunisations before you travel, ask your doctor for a round of antibiotics, and be sure to carry imodium and plenty of hand sanitiser. Repeat, do not drink the water!

Dress to respect

Dress to respect

Though it’s mostly fine to dress as you please in the cities, covering up is the polite thing to do here—especially at temples. Try to avoid showing too much chest, shoulders or legs. That goes for both guys and girls.



You’ll need to carry cash in India as credit cards are only accepted in hotels and larger shops. Keep your cash concealed in a money belt under your clothes and don’t walk with expensive items like your phone on display.

Top cities in India

Size really does matter—you can’t experience all of India in two weeks, two months or possibly even years! First-timers are recommended to stick to the north of the country. The popular states of Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are home to many of the country’s most famous sites and cities.

New Delhi & Old Delhi

New Delhi & Old Delhi

Here you’ll see India’s capital dissected into two distinct areas—the historic Old Delhi, dating back to the Moghul era and home to the ancient Red Fort and famous Chandni Chowk markets—and New Delhi, developed during India’s British colonial times, it has a distinctly more cosmopolitan feel with modern restaurants, bars and cafes. Though, most visitors don’t spend long here, as they venture off the iconic Taj Mahal just a few hours away.

Taj Mahal


Home to the world famous Taj Mahal, this awe-inspiring monument dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries and for obvious reasons you really can’t come to India without laying eyes on the Taj Mahal.



Known as the ‘Pink City’ for its famous pastel-painted buildings, this rose-coloured city is the biggest in Rajasthan and together with Agra and Delhi is one-third of the ‘Golden Triangle’ which thousands of local and international tourists traverse each year.



The place to catch an Indian festival, Udaipur is alive with colour and events year-round. This stunning city is known for its scenic lakes and palaces. It's also been the set for many movies, including the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy.



Dating back to the 11th century BC, this beautiful city is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Regarded as India’s spiritual capital, it’s an important site for the Hindu pilgrims who travel here to bathe in the sacred waters of the Ganges River.



Not to be forgotten is India’s largest city, this waterfront city is the cosmopolitan financial capital and most famous for being the Gateway of India, and of course, the birthplace of Bollywood.