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Need a weekend away or looking for somewhere cheap to escape for a summer holiday? Look no further. Our cheap flights to New Zealand help you save the most on your next adventure.

Student flights from Australia to New Zealand

With New Zealand just a quick flight away, it’s the perfect destination for a weekend trip, a working holiday, a backpacking trek or just when you’re ready for a change of scenery. From iconic places like Milford Sound on the South Island and Hobbiton on the North Island to more hidden gems, New Zealand has something for everyone. Head to the South Island in the winter for some incredible skiing or go tramping when the weather’s a bit warmer. From incredible adventures (glacier hike, anyone?) to beautiful scenery, New Zealand feels a world away despite being right next door.

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What are the main New Zealand airport hubs?

The largest primary airport hubs in New Zealand are Auckland and Wellington airports (on the North Island) and Christchurch and Queenstown airports (on the South Island). You’ll find the most nonstop flight options flying into Auckland or Christchurch.

Auckland Airport: this is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, serving Auckland (New Zealand’s most populous city) and surrounding areas. It’s located about 30 minutes from the city centre, so if you’re not renting a car, you may want to take a taxi or Uber into the city. SkyBus is also a good budget option.

Christchurch Airport: this is the main airport for the South Island and is conveniently located a short 15-20 minute drive from the city centre. Christchurch is the perfect jumping off place for a South Island road trip.

Queenstown Airport: If you want to get straight into all the adventure the South Island has to offer, the Queenstown airport is a great option. Queenstown has plenty to discover on it’s own, but it’s also within a few hours’ drive of places like Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound, Wanaka and more.

How to fly from Australia to New Zealand

Australia is well-connected to New Zealand, with direct flights connecting a number of Australian and New Zealand cities. In particular, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne have a number of direct flights to New Zealand. On average, a nonstop flight from Australia to New Zealand takes between 3-6 hours. If you’re flying from Western Australia, you may find more options if you opt for having a connecting flight.

The most popular airlines to fly include Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia. Of course, there are plenty more options if you prefer to fly a different airline!

When is the best time to fly to New Zealand?

New Zealand can be great year-round, it just depends on what you’d like to do and explore while you’re visiting. If you’re hoping to hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding, mid-June to early October is your best bet. Summer months bring much sunnier weather, with temperatures around 25 - 30ºC and cool nights. Winter and spring months can bring plenty of rain, especially around Auckland or on the western coast of the South Island.

In short, there’s no one best time: for outdoor activities like trekking and boating, come in late spring, early summer or fall for the best weather. Summertime sees the most tourists, so to avoid crowds, travel during off-season.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from the UK to New Zealand?

Avgprice JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDate of search $0$100$200$300$400$500$600$700$800$900$1000

Prices based on bookings made 31-60 days prior to departure.

Why do Australian students love visiting New Zealand?

New Zealand is a paradise for trekkers, beach-lovers and adventure travelers of all kinds. Where else can you spend all week trekking in alpine mountains, taking heli tours or climbing glaciers, skydiving or paragliding and more? Whether studying or just on holiday, the Kiwi’s relaxed, adventurous nature and stunning scenery all around the country provides the perfect holiday destination.

New Zealand universities and campuses

Studying abroad in New Zealand is super easy and a great opportunity for Australian students. Whether you’re heading abroad for just a semester or would rather take off and complete your entire course in New Zealand, it’s a great chance to experience something new without having to go too far from home. Even better, Australian students are treated as domestic students in New Zealand, meaning you’ll pay the same fees as local students and won’t need a student topthings. Plus, tuition fees are generally lower in New Zealand than they are in Australia. It’s a win-win! If you’re already enrolled in uni at home, check with your home university to see what study abroad or student exchange programmes may already be set up with New Zealand universities.

New Zealand lifestyle and culture

New Zealand has an extremely friendly and welcoming culture. You’ll find the locals to be quite hospitable and may find New Zealand starts to feel like home quite quickly. With a plethora of outdoor activities, Kiwis tend to have active lifestyles and enjoy spending time outside or travelling on the weekends. The work-life balance in New Zealand tends to be pretty balanced as a result, and you might find that classes at uni are pretty relaxed as well. It’s also an extremely safe country, so you should feel secure travelling just about anywhere within New Zealand.

Exploring New Zealand on a student budget

While there are elements of New Zealand that can be expensive, you can explore New Zealand on a student budget if you know what to do. Staying in hostels, camping and exploring New Zealand’s massive amounts of nature and parks can help you have an amazing holiday without breaking the bank. If you’re staying in larger cities, you might find things more expensive, but budget accommodations and public transit options are also available to help you stay on a budget.

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