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Customer service

ALERT: COVID-19 / Coronavirus update April 6, 2020

We're prioritizing urgent requests. The global situation with COVID-19 / coronavirus has impacted every traveler in the world. Our customer care team is prioritizing urgent needs such as flights within the next 72 hours. If your flight is not within the next 72 hours, please be sure to read all FAQs carefully before contacting us.

All departments within StudentUniverse are working around the clock to help our customers, however we're also trying to keep our global staff safe while respecting their personal health concerns, local quarantines, etc. Please keep that in mind while working through your questions.

We know a lot of travelers still have questions. Here are the best ways to get help as soon as possible:

  • Cancel or change your upcoming flight: Please read the FAQs, then email or call.
  • Question about a refund:
    • Rules around refunds have been changing rapidly.
    • If you are contacting us because you'd like a refund instead of credit for future travel, we urge you to check your airline's policy regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Many flights, even if canceled by the carrier, fall into the category of only granting credit for future travel.
    • However, because airline policies are changing frequently, so you may have been told you have credit and a refund is now due. StudentUniverse will follow the airline's policy. Escalating your request to a supervisor will not change that.
    • Please research your airline's policies around refunds before contacting us. If you feel you do qualify for a refund, or want to discuss options; please be patient and send a message with our Contact Form with your information and the airline policy that may qualify you for a refund. If the airline policy allows, StudentUniverse will advocate for that refund on your behalf. With the unprecedented volume, this process will take longer than usual. (Weeks to months) We ask you to please be patient with us.
  • Other questions: If you have other questions about the coronavirus and how it has affected, or may affect, your travel plans, please see our FAQ page.
  • Reaching an agent: Remember that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented number of requests and are prioritizing flights that need to be changed/cancelled in the next 72 hours. If your flight is more than 72 hours away, please be patient as we will respond to your message as soon as we can.

See more about how we're tackling the Covid-19 crisis.

Phone number:

  • 1 800 270 725 (Toll-free within Australia)
  • +1 617 321 3153 (International)
  • Chinese speaking agents: 400 678 9538 (Toll-free within China) or +1 617 409 0103 (from other locations)
  • WeChat Service Account: StudentUniverse服务号 (ID: SU_service, Chinese agents)
  • Online monitoring on Facebook and Twitter (Online hours 7AM-10:30PM ET Monday - Friday, 6AM-10:30PM ET on weekends)

Please note that the international dialing prefix (instead of the "+") may vary in different countries. Most use "00" but a few are different (e.g., the US uses "011").

Email: Please read the coronavirus alert info above first, then use our Contact Form.


Corporate mailing address:

Flight Centre Travel Group Limited dba StudentUniverse
275 Grey Street
South Brisbane, QLD, 4104 Australia


If you're a reporter looking for stats and facts, survey data, or expert commentary, please email our Public Relations team for more information. Please note: this email is not monitored for customer service queries.


If you have questions about an existing reservation booked through our site, please contact the phone/e-mail on your confirmation. If you are overseas, please refer to the confirmation you received for a list of the customer service number for your country, and the direct number for your hostel.

StudentUniverse does not have access to your hotel/hostel booking. If for any reason you do not receive a timely response from the contacts on your confirmation, please e-mail us your confirmation number and any relevant information, and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.