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Customer service

** February 2020: Due to the busy school travel season and concerns around the Coronavirus, our call center is extremely busy. Thank you for your understanding. **

Answers to many common questions are available on our FAQ page.

Phone number:

  • 1 800 270 725 (Toll-free within Australia)
  • +1 617 321 3153 (International)
  • Chinese speaking agents: 400 678 9538 (Toll-free within China) or +1 617 409 0103 (from other locations)
  • WeChat Service Account: StudentUniverse服务号 (ID: SU_service, Chinese agents)
  • Online monitoring on Facebook and Twitter (Online hours 7AM-10:30PM ET Monday - Friday, 6AM-10:30PM ET on weekends)

Please note that the international dialing prefix (instead of the "+") may vary in different countries. Most use "00" but a few are different (e.g., the US uses "011").

Email: for replies within 24-48 hours.

Tip: If you haven't received your flight confirmation, check your bulk/spam folders before calling us. Some schools, and email providers like Yahoo!, can block our flight confirmations. If you add to your address box, that will help too!


Corporate mailing address:

Flight Centre Travel Group Limited dba StudentUniverse
275 Grey Street
South Brisbane, QLD, 4104 Australia


If you're a reporter looking for stats and facts, survey data, or expert commentary, please email our Public Relations team for more information. Please note: this email is not monitored for customer service queries.


If you have questions about an existing reservation booked through our site, please contact the phone/e-mail on your confirmation. If you are overseas, please refer to the confirmation you received for a list of the customer service number for your country, and the direct number for your hostel.

StudentUniverse does not have access to your hotel/hostel booking. If for any reason you do not receive a timely response from the contacts on your confirmation, please e-mail us your confirmation number and any relevant information, and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.