Have big dreams for your 2021 holidays? With 2020 halting the progress of our passport-stamp collection, we are ready to kick off the planning for some more. When the world opens up again, we’ll have to make up for lost time. So where should you go? We’ve got ideas. Here’s 9 of the best trips you should be booking for 2021. 



Japan is one of the most-searched-for destinations for travel in 2021, and we’re not surprised! After all, Japan is a country that has it all: energetic cities, incredible nature, delicious food, centuries of history and culture, and more. Whether you need a major pump-up in 2021 and want to spend your time seeing iconic skyscrapers, tasting amazing food and soaking in the hustle and bustle of a big city like Tokyo or chilling out in quiet bamboo forests and historic temples in Kyoto, Japan has just what you need for your 2021 holidays. Plus, it’s a very modern and clean country—definitely a plus as you’re considering where to travel next! 



Who couldn’t use a trip to some Greek islands right now? We definitely could, and we’re marking our calendars already for 2021 when we’re going to get some serious R&R, preferably in Santorini. If you’ve never been to Greece before, plan to spend a few days in Athens first, then head out to some of the islands for beach time, bar hopping, iconic sunsets and some delicious food. Our guide to island hopping in Greece will help you get planning so you’ll be all set for the perfect 2021 holiday.



Hoping for better luck in 2021? A little trip to Ireland and a bit of Irish luck may help your year get started on the right foot! Dublin is the most popular (and largest) city to visit in Ireland, so you’ll want to start there. You can see stunning castles and cathedrals, explore the historic city streets and, of course, get a taste of real Guinness beer at one of the many pubs around town. Eventually, you may want to get out of town though, so plan a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher or the scenic Ring of Kerry. 

French Polynesia


Need an escape from the real world? A French Polynesian trip is just what you need for your 2021 holiday. Escape to actual paradise with a trip to Tahiti or Bora Bora and imagine yourself lounging on white sand beaches by crystal-clear water. We know, we know: it sounds exotic and expensive. And while it can be, there are also ways to visit these tropical islands on a budget as well. The flight is about 8 hours from Sydney and you can definitely find affordable accommodations. Plus, if you’re just lounging on the beach and exploring the tropics, you won’t have to budget too much for activities. 



If Italy isn’t on your bucket list yet, what are you doing? Italy is one of the most-searched for destinations for 2021, which isn’t surprising, since it’s one of the most beloved (and beautiful) places to travel. Between the ancient sites of Rome, the romantic canals of Venice, the artistic history of Florence and the beaches of the Amalfi coast and the Southern islands of Italy, there’s a lot to explore—with something for everyone! Plus, with fewer tourists now, 2021 is a great time to plan your trip. And with our cheap flights to Italy, your Italian adventure is easier (and cheaper) than ever. 



Egypt is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime destination, so why not plan an epic trip for 2021? There’s a great blend of old and new, from the ancient pyramids of Giza to the Cairo Tower.

Cairo is full of museums, shopping, sightseeing and more—but there’s a lot more to Egypt than meets the eye! Relax by the beaches (yes, Egypt has some amazing beaches!) or indulge your adventurous side by taking a hot air balloon ride, sailing down the Nile, or going on a camel ride. The options are endless!



Is an African safari on your bucket list? If so, start looking at flights to Tanzania for 2021. Planning a safari trip can take a lot of time, so this is a good time to start planning a trip for next year. Tanzania is an amazing destination for safaris, due to it’s beautiful landscapes and diversity of wildlife. A Tanzanian safari can introduce you to elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, and more. Look for tours that head to Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park or Tarangire National Park for the most wildlife encounters. Plus, Tanzania is an affordable safari destination, offering some cheaper tours than you might find in other African countries. 



Turkey might not be as popular as Rome or Paris, but it has a lot to see and do! Since Turkey is already open to travellers, it’s a good choice for 2021 holidays. From the historic city of Istanbul with it’s gorgeous castles and mosques and colorful markets to the natural “fairy chimney” rock formations in Cappadocia, there’s a lot to explore. And since Turkey is a pretty inexpensive destination, it’ll be an easier place to save for and travel to on a student budget, without sacrificing a destination with amazing architecture, culture or food.



With the unique and dramatic landscapes, Iceland is the perfect destination for a 2021 getaway. Explore volcanoes, ancient geysers and glaciers, stunning waterfalls, soak in hot springs and more. Plus, their coronavirus response has been great, meaning you can feel extra safe travelling there and the remote destinations and the huge amount of outdoor adventures in Iceland are perfect for keeping social distancing as needed.

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