Cheap flights to Europe

Cheap flights to Europe

Studying abroad in Europe, taking a gap year or just want to visit? There’s no bad time to visit Europe, so whether you’ve got a few weeks or a few months, Europe’s always a good idea. No matter when or where you’re going, we’ve got all the cheapest flights and hotels for your Europe trip.

Start your journey to Europe with a cheap flight to London. Where better to begin than with a visit to royalty and a ride on a double-decker bus? While you’re there, check out other incredible cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome. If you’re looking for a taste of European adventure, you should definitely think about heading to Croatia or Scandinavia. There’s mountains to climb, oceans to swim in, and glaciers to hike! Not sure where to begin? Check out our European tours. Wherever you’re hoping to go, you can book cheap flights to Europe with us and get exclusive student discounts on every ticket.

Things to do in Europe

London’s young and hip culture


What’s a trip to Europe without a stop in London? There’s SO much to do, whether you’re studying abroad or just travelling. And with these cheap flights to London, the world is your oyster(card). Sightsee in the city, take in thousands of years of history and art at London’s free museums, go for a ride on the London Eye and see the changing of the guards in front of Buckingham Palace. If you have any energy left by the time the sun sets, London’s young and hip culture means the city will stay awake as long as you do.

The City of Love is a must-visit


The City of Love is a must-visit, even if you’re not feeling very romantic. Stroll down the Seine, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visit Notre Dame, shop ‘til you drop in endless shops and boutiques, and visit as many art museums as you can handle! The Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay are two of our favourites, but there’s plenty more to explore. Need a break from the city? It’s easy to take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles or Montmartre.

Amsterdam is a blast from sunrise to sundown


Amsterdam is practically the definition of a good time. From magical canals and delicious food to energetic nightlife and a youthful atmosphere, Amsterdam is a blast from sunrise to sundown (maybe especially after sundown). Have a picnic in one of Amsterdam’s parks, float in a hot tub down the canals (yup, you read that right), rock out at one of the dozens of music festivals and events held in Amsterdam every year or just chill out at a rooftop bar.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it’s not too expensive either! If you’re backpacking through Europe on a budget, Barcelona is a must-stop destination. Visit the La Sagrada Familia, take a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter, stuff yourself full of tapas and empanadas at La Boqueria Market, snap the perfect Insta pic at Park Guell and of course, spend some time on the beach.