London hotels

London hotels

Where to stay in London can be what makes or breaks your visit. For a London experience to remember—it’s all about location, ease of transport and good times, innit? We’ve got the best hotels in London as well as a great selection of London hostels, so you can keep calm and carry on (with your holiday)!

Where to stay in London

In London there’s ample locations to stay either in the centre, or to the north, south, east or west of the city. Sounds simple, right? Not always. About 32 boroughs therein lies. Here’s a rundown on those coordinates and the coolest areas to stay within them.


East: Shoreditch

A popular spot for twenty-somethings, Shoreditch is the perfect locale for exploring all the street art, nightlife and happenings of East London. Spoilt for choice for your pick of cool coffee shops, vintage stores, and hip bars, clubs and pubs.


South East: Brixton & Peckham

Rock down to Electric Avenue and enjoy the sights, sounds and delicious Carribean cooking wafting in the streets of Brixton. Peckham is touted as the next coolest neighbourhood in London—here you’ll find a vibrant arts scene and the perfect place to sip on an Aperol spritz at a rooftop bar.

covent garden

Central: Soho & Covent Garden

Get amongst the action with 24/7 entertainment in these bustling central London locales. Both are pretty much smack bang in London’s exciting West End—the place for theatre, shopping, art galleries and all round entertainment. Eat, drink, party and lose yourself in the wonder and madness of London.


North: Camden & Hampstead

Love thrifting for treasures in markets? Camden is the place you’ll find that leather jacket you’ve been looking for. You might also leave with a hangover and a tattoo or a new piercing if you really embrace the neighbourhood. In contrast, Hampstead has a quaint village feel with cosy cafes and charming terrace houses. A walk through the Hampstead Heath is a must, especially for the views from Parliament Hill.

shepherd's bush

West: Shepherd’s Bush

If you’re keen to be close to Kensington and Hammersmith but still want a bustling neighbourhood vibe with great shopping options, Shepherd’s Bush is home to Europe’s largest shopping centre as well as a bunch of music venues, theatres and more bars, cafes and pubs than you can poke a stick at.